10 classic money-saving tips let you spend more money

According to a Business Insider article, no matter where you live, you will see that many people are trying to use some methods to reduce their cost of living!

But in our lives, some money-saving strategies seem to save money, but in fact it is not the case. Some money-saving strategies even make us spend more. There are many different strategies for saving money. Let’s take a look at which strategies seem to save money, but they are not.

First, discount coupons

Cutting discount coupons and collecting discount coupons are the most common ways to save money. Some shoppers who are very economical take this money-saving strategy to the extreme, where editing and collecting discount coupons has become a sport.

Although discount coupons will provide some discounts, they are also costly. For example, you need to spend hours looking for the best discount coupons, some discount coupons need to be stored for a period of time before they can be used, and some discount coupons even need to be purchased. In general, the time cost of obtaining discount coupons is relatively high.

In addition, some discount coupons will guide shoppers to buy some products that they don’t need at all, and the reason they buy is only the discount coupons give them a discount on that product. In fact, buying goods that you don’t need is the biggest waste.

Second, join the members of the big shopping mall

There are two forms for members to join the mall: 1) pay a certain amount of membership fee to the big mall every year; 2) spend a certain amount of money at once. Shopping malls generally do not directly give discounts to members. At the same time, members are allowed to earn points, and when the points reach a certain amount, they can redeem some specific products. Reaching a certain amount of points means that the mall has made a lot of money from you, and redeeming a specific product means that the products you redeem for are not necessarily what you really want to buy.

In addition, when joining some mall members, they usually leave personal information, such as phone numbers. Whenever a promotion or a new product arrives, the mall may send you a text message or call. Virtually your life will also be disturbed.

If your family’s daily consumption is relatively large, it will be more cost-effective. But if you are single, it is best not to join a membership, because your consumption is relatively small, and it is difficult to get the benefits from the mall.

Third, the latte effect

The latte effect refers to the fact that the things people waste every day can make them millionaires, but people ignore the way to save money on daily expenses. For example, you don’t care about the daily cost of buying a cup of coffee, a newspaper, a bottle of mineral water and other small items, but just try to reduce the monthly cost, such as the monthly telephone bill.

In daily life, you may not care about the expenditure of one dollar, but if you spend one dollar here and there, you will find that the total amount of fractional expenses is also very large. So pay attention to the little money of life!

Fourth, fill up the car with gasoline

Would you fill up gas because the price of gas at a gas station is cheap? You may think that adding a bit more will save money, but that is not necessarily true. Because the car is full of fuel, the weight of the car will increase, and the fuel consumption will also increase. If it is not for long-distance travel, it is recommended not to fill up the gas. In addition, in hot weather, the temperature of the mailbox will increase and the gasoline will evaporate. This will waste gasoline and bring danger to your driving.

Professionals believe that it is best to add mailboxes to three-quarters or four-fifths. This is safe and fuel-efficient.

Fifth, go long distances in order to add cheaper gasoline

I heard that the gas price at the gas station on the other side of the village is 1 cent lower than the price at the gas station on the side of the road. Do you choose to refuel on the side of the road or drive for another 10 minutes to the other side of the town. Come on? It is estimated that some people will choose to drive to the other side of the town to refuel. But before you make this decision, it’s best to consider the gasoline used to reach another gas station in town, the wastage caused to the car, and the time cost.

Sixth, store sales

Store staff will do everything possible to influence shoppers’ behavior and shopping decisions. The easiest and most effective way is to conduct promotional activities to guide shoppers. In fact, “promotion” does not mean a good deal! Some store promotions continue to exist. When carrying out promotional activities, the store will be able to place the promoted products near the higher-priced products, so that shoppers have a sense of price gap and guide them to buy promotional products.

Before purchasing a promotional product, shoppers need to consider two questions: 1) Do I really need this promotional product? 2) Is it really worth buying this promotional product just because of the low price?

Seventh, use cash to pay

Many people only use cash when shopping. This kind of payment method is understandable, but there is a big disadvantage behind cash payment: it is difficult to track the whereabouts of your daily expenses, and it is difficult to detect whether you have spent more than your predetermined amount.

Shoppers of oil debit and credit cards can clearly track the whereabouts of their money, which is conducive to making spending plans and cultivating good consumption habits.

Eighth, I want to use up the credit card rewards

Most credit card issuers will reward consumers who use credit cards in shopping with points, discounts or cash back. However, the preferential inflation brought by credit cards will require consumers to spend at least a certain amount. For example, with a one-time consumption of more than 50,000 yuan, you can enjoy a 15% discount with a credit card. Sometimes, in order to enjoy discounts, consumers will buy some products they don’t need, which will invisibly increase their own costs.

Ninth, buy products with lower cost

To be precise, what you pay for what you pay for is more worthy of people’s belief than good quality and low price. But in daily life, low-quality and low-priced goods are usually more attractive to consumers. In fact, in the long run, the cost of buying low-quality and low-priced goods is very high. For example, you can buy a brand-name mobile phone for 5,000 yuan for five years, and 1,500 yuan for a mobile phone can only be used for one year, but the total cost of buying a low-quality phone in five years will reach 7,500 yuan. Therefore, we must believe that what you pay for is what you pay for. After all, businesses have to make money and live!

Tenth, spend a lot of time searching for the right things

In order to find a thing that you like best, it usually takes a lot of time. For example, if you want to live in a hotel, it took 5 hours to find a store that is 10 yuan cheaper than other hotels. Although you can save 10 yuan, you have wasted 5 hours and a lot of energy.

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