What is the cause of back acne ?

What is the cause of back acne? Back acne is not uncommon. Many people have back acne. I don’t know what causes the back acne?

What is the cause of back acne

1. Acne. It has the same nature as facial acne, due to the strong secretion of oil on the back. If you don’t clean it properly, an acne-like rash can also appear.

2. Folliculitis caused by fungal infection. Young people have strong oil secretion, sweat more, eat irregularly, and are prone to fungal infections.

Specifically, you can go to the hospital for a face-to-face consultation with a doctor, do a fungal examination to confirm the diagnosis, and choose the appropriate medicine for treatment based on the diagnosis. Always pay attention to a low-sugar, low-oil and low-milk diet, and keep it dry locally.

2 How to eliminate back acne

Due to the dense distribution of sebaceous glands on the back and more oil secretion, acne is easy to appear repeatedly. You should pay attention to the cleansing of your back. Local acne can be used externally with tretinoin ointment. If there is pain, redness and swelling, you can use it at the same time. Antibiotic ointment , Such as fusidic acid cream. At the same time, retinoin capsules or isotretinoin can be taken orally to inhibit oil secretion.

3 How to treat back acne

The treatment of acne on the back is similar to the treatment of acne on the face. It depends on the size and depth of the acne, the length of the acne is on the back, and whether there is on the face at the same time? It is not heavy and uses different treatments. Generally speaking, acne is only for the back. Oral medication may be commonly used, because sometimes it is not convenient to apply the medication on the back, and the oral medication can be directly taken. Oral medicines are anti-inflammatory, such as minocycline, doxycycline or Chinese patent medicines, tanshinone capsules, and isotretinoin if it is severe.

It is best to listen to the doctor’s advice when taking medicine for acne. The doctor will recommend different medicines according to the severity of the acne. In addition to oral medications, acne on the back can also be used externally. These drugs are anti-inflammatory syrups or ointments, such as Biotopon, Fusidic acid, and Adapalene. However, it may not be very convenient to apply medicine on the back. The key to acne on the back is to clean locally, change clothes frequently, sweat as little as possible, and eat less irritating food.

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