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Today we will learn how to dribble fast. This is an absolutely necessary skill, especially for offensive players. Below we will break down several techniques, including correct body posture and techniques, and introduce some key training methods. We Train yourself to make our feet faster, let’s start now:

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Dribble breakdown:

Before dribbling, we must first make sure that our running method is correct, keeping our knees bent to lower our center of gravity and improve our balance.

Figure 1- Lower the center of gravity
We must always keep the forefoot on the ground to achieve the best running efficiency and speed.

Figure 2-Forefoot on the ground
When dribbling, we have to make sure to push the ball forward with the front outside of our foot.

Figure 3-Touching area
To do this, just let our heels up, put your toes slightly inwards, and push the ball with the outside of our feet close to the little finger.

Figure 4-Push the ball near the little toe
Remember, the touch here is not kicking the ball, you need to have a little friction between your foot and the ball, and push the ball forward accurately.

Figure 5-Friction between the foot and the ball
When touching the ball, always focus on hitting the center of the ball to maintain optimal control.

Figure 6-Touch the center of the ball

The first exercise:

In the first exercise, we will practice straight-line high-speed dribbling. Now to help us maintain straight-line movement visually, we use marker disc marks to create a channel. The recommended width is 3-4 yards, the length is 40 yards, and the discs are separated by 10 code.

Figure 7-Dribble Channel
We practice step by step, slow down first, and gradually find the rhythm.

Figure 8-One step at a time
We can speed up when we feel comfortable. This type of dribbling is useful when tightly controlling the ball and fast.

Figure 9-Close control of the ball
When we are 1v1 ready to break through the defender, this quick dribble step by step is very important.

Figure 10-1V1 breakthrough

The second exercise:

Next, we have to practice pushing the ball forward, but we touch the ball every three to four steps. At the beginning, we should be slow to adapt to the distance we touch the ball. When we feel relaxed, we will speed up the pace until it reaches full speed.

Figure 11-Speed ​​up the pace
This type of dribbling is important when we have more space on the court and want to cross the court faster.

Figure 12-Messi’s high-speed dribble

The third exercise:

In the third training, we formed a zigzag with the marker disc. We will continue to practice the speed of dribbling, but now we have added an element of changing direction.

Figure 13-Zigzag dribbling
This practice needs to be combined with a slightly longer touch. When we change direction, we need to lower the center of gravity and touch the ball closer and faster.

Figure 14-Touch the ball closer to the ball
That’s it for today’s content. For more exciting football teaching, please continue to pay attention to the road of football!

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