10 favorite foods for cats

Don’t look at the little cat, but they like to eat a lot. But just like people, cats also have preferences. Next, the editor will bring you a list of cats’ favorite foods, let’s take a look.

The 10 favorite foods for cats are watermelon, boiled eggs, fish, unsalted cheese, meow candy, pet freeze-dried, canned cat food, chicken breast, sparrow, etc.

10. Watermelon:

Watermelon is not only a good fruit for humans to relieve heat, it also helps to add moisture to the cat. Eating melon in the hot summer can open up the cat’s taste buds. However, watermelon has higher sugar content and more seeds. Don’t feed too much when feeding, and be careful to remove the seeds to avoid cat diarrhea.

9. Boiled eggs:

Eggs are a good source of protein. When a cat has a bad appetite or is sick, you can feed some eggs to supplement it. However, it should be noted that the eggs should be cooked and not fed too much at one time, so as to avoid high cholesterol intake and the cat will get fat.

8. Fish:

It’s a well-known thing that cats like to eat fish. Their desire for fish can be said to be natural. Even the small goldfish raised in the small fish tank at home will have a very strong interest. Maybe they wait for the owner to pay no attention to the goldfish in the fish tank. It fell into their thieves.

7. Unsalted cheese:

Unsalted cheese can provide rich protein, fat and calcium for cats, and its rich aroma is also very popular with cats. But pay attention to choosing salt cheese when choosing, so as not to damage the cat’s body due to excessive sodium intake.

6. Meow candy:

Meow candy is a kind of catnip snack that has become more popular in recent years. It has many flavors, the common ones are catnip flavor and chicken flavor. The cat owner can put the cat’s sweets on a higher place and let the cat work hard to reach it, so that the cat can eat and play without getting bored.

5. Pet freeze-drying:

Pet freeze-drying is a small snack for feeding cats. Generally, freeze-drying is made of pure meat. Cats are carnivorous animals. Of course, freeze-drying cannot be rejected.

4. Canned cats:

For meows, canned cat food is like a big meal in human daily meals, it is big fish and meat, but this is a fast food, and the taste is not as good as the chef’s cooking.

3. Milk:

Compared with many foods, milk still has a strong attraction for cats. Not only cats like to drink it, but even the grown-up cats also like to drink it.

2. Chicken breast:

No matter how small, it is also a carnivore, so chicken breast is their favorite. However, the nutrition of chicken breast is relatively simple after all. In addition to being rich in protein, there are not many other nutrients. Therefore, the cat owner should not forget the balanced nutrition if he likes to eat it.

1. Sparrow:

The owner may be particularly surprised to see sparrows, but cute kittens have always had a hunting nature, and the more flexible the objects, the more they can stimulate their desire to prey. Small birds are their main observation objects, especially sparrows that have the strongest interest. As long as they are seen by cats, they will be closely watched.

When feeding cats, they need to be fed properly.

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