Popcorn pilling of fancy football skills

Popcorn pilling is one of the most fashionable ways of pilling, but no one knows where it came from or who created it. In the past 20 years, it was created by fancy and football players from all over the world. So it can be said with certainty that this is one of the most used pilling skills, let’s officially start learning:

Technical breakdown:

Let’s start with the basic principles of popcorn pilling, not to be confused with instep pilling, first put your feet on the ball, knees forward.

Figure 1-Stepping on the ball
Now we have to pull the ball back, straighten our legs, put our feet on the ground, and then bounce the ball like this, like popping popcorn.

Figure 2-Bounce the ball
So we have to be fast, so that we can bounce the ball.

Figure 3-Get fast under your feet
There are several important points in popcorn pilling that we should consider, one of which is that the ball should not be too far apart at the beginning.

Figure 4-Don’t get too far from the ball
Because if the ball is too far away from us, it is difficult to bounce the ball up, so keeping the ball close to the body is strictly speaking a bit like a ball behind you.

Figure 5-Pilling from behind
Another thing to consider is that when we get the ball up, our body has to turn in the direction of the ball, because if you don’t, we may bounce the ball on ourselves and not let the ball fall.

Figure 6-Pilling test
We lift the ball and twist the body to one side instead of standing still, so that the ball will hit the body and fall to the ground.

Figure 7-Not standing still
Just like popcorn, there are different types of popcorn. We can put salt, butter or cheddar cheese powder on the popcorn, and we can add some patterns to the popcorn.

Figure 8-Add a little change
One of the changes is the popcorn ball circling the earth. Whenever we learn a new technique, theoretically we can combine with the circling the earth at any time.

Figure 9-Integrate with orbiting the earth
Popcorn pilling is no exception, so we start from the starting position, pull the ball back like this, then bounce and circle the ball inwards.

Figure 10-Circle the ball inwards
The second change is that normal popcorn bounces the ball and then turns to the ball, but when doing popcorn turn, we have to bounce the ball behind our leg, and then turn around from the other side to catch the ball with the other leg .

Figure 11-Turning Out
So after the bounce, we have to twist 90 degrees to our other side, just like the picture below.

Figure 12-Turn around 90 degrees
These are the two variations of popcorn pilling. There are other popcorn pillings that look similar to popcorn slices but are not popcorn pillings, such as instep pilling, instep pilling like this, majira pilling, etc. .

Figure 13-other pilling
That’s it for today’s content. For more exciting football teaching, please continue to pay attention to the road of football!


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